You've got questions. We've got answers.

Q: Is it possible to keep the bus longer than we originally made arrangements for?

A: You can absolutely do this, and the great thing is that we will not charge you any extra to do so. You'll continue to be charged the same hourly amount that we agreed to during the booking process. No extra fees, no surprises on your bill. Just a great time for as long as you want it!

Q: Are we correct in our understanding that we are allowed to drink alcohol on the bus?

A: Yes. And though we are not allowed to provide it to you, you are always allowed to bring your own. We have gorgeous acrylic and granite bars with built-in coolers and lighting, and we provide ice and cups for you as well. Just bring an assortment of wines, champagnes, liquors, or whatever you and your friends enjoy, and you can have the most fun you've ever had on the road!

Q: And are we also allowed to smoke on your buses?

A: We're sorry to the smokers among our customers, but in order to keep our buses as fresh as possible, and out of respect for our nonsmoking customers and those who may be sensitive to smoke, we do not allow smoking on our buses. We thank you for respecting this policy and not lighting up on the bus.

Q: Can you tell me about your insurance policies and the qualifications of your drivers?

A: Regarding our drivers, they are actually professional chauffeurs, and they have to pass a battery of tests before we even consider hiring them, including driving tests, drug tests, background checks, driving record checks, and much more. In terms of insurance, we are insured to the maximum amount that is allowed, and we make sure that every single required permit and license is kept current.

Q: What areas do you service in the Charleston area?

A: We serve the entire metro area, including but not limited to the cities listed on our service area page. For clarification on areas outside of the metro area, give us a call and let us know where you'd like to travel. There are many factors that determine how far outside the area we are able to travel, but we do our best to accommodate our customers' wishes.

Q: What days of the week and/or hours of the day are you closed?

A: Never! We are in operation all year round and all day and night long. The only time you may not be able to gain access to our service is if we are already booked! So we do recommend calling as early as possible.

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